You may wonder why the name of this event is in English. The answer is quite simple, its international character obliges, as this event is attended by bikers from the United Kingdom, France, Portugal, Holland, etc. There are even some who come from Australia! And the fact is that this Rally for pre-1988 classic motorbikes is gaining momentum year after year. There are many who repeat and recommend their friends to come and enjoy this biker's paradise.


The organisers, the Moto Club Indianos, have succeeded in creating a gathering that attracts more and more classic motorbike enthusiasts every year who wish to spend a few days dedicated to the enjoyment of their venerable mounts, with like-minded people and in particularly beautiful natural surroundings.


This year, once again demonstrating the organisational capacity of this club, we have moved to a new location, Navia. A sea port from which we set off daily to discover roads and landscapes in both Asturias and Galicia. In this way they have given us the opportunity to broaden our horizons and visit places that were previously out of reach in previous editions.


It has been quite an adventure to be able to visit places as well known as Playa de las Catedrales, Viveiro, Cudillero, as well as other small charming villages that have aroused the curiosity of all the attendees. We have even had time to make cultural visits such as the Castro de Viladonga or the interesting Museum of Ayalgas where, among other wonders, classic motorbikes are exhibited.


Each day we leave our base, the welcoming Palacio Arias (a beautiful Indian villa transformed into a luxurious hotel) to spend the day riding with the peace of mind of knowing that we are immersed in the safety net offered by this type of event in which, not only the camaraderie of the companions, but also the assistance offered by the organisers allows you to confidently face the challenge of riding this type of motorbike. Make no mistake, the bikes are often older than their riders and breakdowns are part of the game. So knowing that the organisers will pick you and your bike up in the event of a breakdown is reassuring, just as it is reassuring to know that halfway along the route you will find the members of the Moto Club waiting for you with a meal ready for you "at the foot of the bike", so that no one is left unsatisfied.


Such is the variety of bikes in terms of age, performance etc. and the tastes of those who attend in terms of pace and distances that it would be impossible to ride in a group, which is why the format of riding free with your own mapped route and course (plus route in digital format) is just perfect. You can ride alone or in a group, slowly or more happily and still be part of a very special whole.

 It is not surprising then that this 2022 edition has been a record number of participants and work is already underway to make 2023 something exciting to think about.

This is how the days go by in a classic rally, riding, discovering and sharing the hobby in a group that ends up being a family, one that without sharing the same language understands everything, because the language here is the classic motorbike. Six days without interruption have passed in the blink of an eye and we are back in Colombres for another week of classics, but I will tell you about that in another article if you have the patience to read me.


In the meantime, if what you have read sounds like the kind of event you would like to take part in, keep an eye on the website as registration for 2023 will be available in a few months and as this is a rally with limited places you will have to be quick if you don't want to be left out. See you there.

 Here are some videos in case you still want to see more:

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